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University Honors Study Abroad

University Honors encourages its students to study abroad, either for short-term, semester long, or yearlong opportunities. While studying abroad, UH students will receive credit for various requirements of the program upon completion of a study abroad reflection essay. 

Below is information on which requirements can be fulfilled by studying abroad:

  • Short term study abroad (summer, J or May term) can count as one University Honors course OR one non-course experience (used for a maximum of one study abroad experience)
  • Single term study abroad with full registration in any University counts as one course AND one non-course experience
  • Full academic year study abroad with full registration both semesters counts as one course, one non-course, and exempts a student from all event and advising requirements for the year s/he is abroad

University Honors offers a scholarship for students who study abroad:

How much is the UH Study Abroad Scholarship? 

The scholarship is awarded up to $5000 and is released upon enrollment in a UMD-approved semester or yearlong study abroad program. If you are unable to participate in a semester or yearlong program, you can take advantage of a UMD-approved short-term study abroad course (e.g., May, summer, or winter break abroad courses).  The short-term scholarship amount is awarded up to $2000.  The UH Study Abroad Scholarship applies to one study abroad experience only. For example, should you choose the short-term study abroad option and receive $2000 and cannot subsequently receive additional money to support a second study abroad experience.

Who is eligible? 

All active UH students* who have completed 30 credits and have maintained good standing in UH for the two most recent contiguous full semesters (i.e., Fall and Spring semesters). As such the earliest one could release the scholarship is May term following your freshman year.

For what programs can the scholarship be used? 

The scholarship may be used for any program (organized through UMD or any other university or college) that has been approved by the UMD Study Abroad Office.

Can UH students apply for another UMD study abroad scholarship in addition to the UH study abroad scholarship? 

Yes! See the Study Abroad scholarship page for more information.

How do I apply? 

How do I apply? There is no formal application for the UH Study Abroad Scholarship. Once your study abroad application is confirmed in a program, and you meet the criteria listed above, the UMD Financial Aid Office will send you an email to confirm your scholarship award (up to $2000 for short-term or up to $5000 for a semester or yearlong programs).  Scholarship funds will be posted to your student account following the standard financial aid disbursement schedule for the term in which the scholarship has been awarded.  

What is the Study Abroad Reflection Essay?

Our vision in UH is for students to learn the value of pursuing knowledge, to become more intellectually curious, and to perceive the world from multiple perspectives. We hope to encourage you to not only excel in your profession but also in the quest for the betterment of your relationships, communities and the overall human condition. 

As you prepare your study abroad reflection take care to think deeply about what you gained or lost on your journey. Your reflection should include some thought regarding how your study abroad experience did or did not fit the UH vision mentioned above. Also, how (if at all) did the study abroad experience affect your intellectual and personal growth and what parts of the program do you think helped produce this growth? 

Formatting requirements: 

    • Double-spaced 12 pt. font format with one-inch margins on all four sides. Your response should be at least 500 words in length. As always, remember to proofread your work.
    • At the top of the first page include personal information below; email your completed reflection as an attachment (MS Word doc/docx or PDF) to [email protected]. 

Personal Information for Study Abroad Reflection Essay

    • Your Name
    • UMD student ID
    • Semester/Year/Dates you studied abroad
    • Indicate which UH requirement you hope to fulfill (NCE, NCE & UH Course, UH course)

*except for students currently receiving the UH book scholarship