Other Honors Options

Other Honors Options

University Honors is one honors option for motivated students at UMD. It is a University-wide program that serves students from all four colleges and provides further educational engagement opportunities in the spirit of the liberal arts. University Honors maintains its own curriculum and requirements. University Honors is unrelated to the following other honors options.

Latin honors

Latin honors are awarded upon graduation from UMD. Latin honors are designated as summa cum laude, magna cum laude, or cum laude. Fifteen (15) percent of students graduating in a collegiate unit will be awarded Latin Honors. Within each college Latin honors shall consist of no more than 3 percent summa cum laude, 5 percent magna cum laude, and 7 percent cum laude. The collegiate unit in which the student is enrolled determines the grade point average requirements for each level of Latin honors.

Department Honors

Departmental honors programs are created by individual departments and approved by the dean of their college. These departments are responsible for a) identifying the criteria for departmental honors, and b) students who, upon graduation, have met all of the requirements of the departmental program. Check with a department representative to pursue Departmental Honors.