Honors Community


There are many ways to engage in our community of dedicated honors scholars, faculty, and community members. Here are a few of those opportunities available to students of University Honors.   

University Honors Student Association (UHSA)

The University Honors Student Association seeks to enhance the experience of students in the University Honors program. All honors students are a part of UHSA and are encouraged to take advantage of the many events and opportunities provided by the group.

The UH Mentor Program

The UH Mentorship Program is a program developed by UHSA with the mission and values of University Honors, specifically with our non-course experience (NCE) and our Perspective event requirements, that also supports first year students in UH. The program provides a safe way for first year students (as mentees) and 2nd-4th year students (as mentors) to partially or fully complete their annual NCE requirement.

Fall Bar-be-Que

The UH Fall BBQ is hosted by University Honors and the University Honors Student Association.  It offers new students a chance to meet upper-class honors students and learn more about the program.  Games, music prizes and food make this a fun University Honors tradition!

Minneapolis Trip

This annual event is full of Minnesota and world culture. Past trips include attending plays, eating ethnic food,  bowling, and visiting arts and science museums. This is a great opportunity to build relationships with your fellow honors students as well as honors faculty who often travel with us. This is one of the highlights of the UH year! 

Meet the Professional

Students have the opportunity to listen to a favorite UMD faculty member or a prominent community member offer academic and life wisdom in the form of a “Last Lecture.”  Pizza and community make this a popular honors event!

Perspective Events

Perspective events provide learning experiences that push students out of their comfort zone. UH Students are required to attend two perspective events each semester. Examples of perspective events include Alworth lecturescultural events, and campus-wide or community-based special guest lectures.

Winterlight Banquet

The Winterlight Banquet offers a unique opportunity to hear from and network with community leaders and faculty outside of class. Also, it provides us a chance to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of our University Honors students at the end of the fall semester. We celebrate our students studying fine arts in University Honors by highlighting one of our University Honors performing arts students at Winterlight.  

Aisthesis: University Honors Student Journal

The University Honors students and faculty collaborate to publish a journal of scholarship conducted by honors students across the country. This is the only undergraduate honors journal edited and published by honors students.

Senior Capstone Presentations

Each spring, our graduating seniors present their University Honors capstone presentations.  The entire UMD community is invited to this event celebrating the scholarship of our graduating seniors.

Spring Banquet

The University Honors Spring Banquet celebrates our graduating seniors and top performers. University Honors graduation medallions are distributed at this event as well as the announcement of our new UHSA officers. We announce the recipients of our UH Awards in Exemplary Leadership, Exemplary Service, Dedication to University Honors and UH Excellence.

University Honors Lounge

Relax, connect, eat, and study in our lounge space.

University Honors Learning/Living Community

Live and learn in our honors-dedicated floor in beautiful Ianni Hall. Our living-learning space is designed to provide honors students a supportive academic environment in which you can make strong connections with other similarly motivated, focused students.  

  • "Living on the UH floor was probably one of the best decisions I made for my first year year. As a former RA, I hear of floors where no one interacts or knows one another–that's just not the case with University Honors students. Living on the UH floor amongst people with similar interests and goals cultivates a community made whole through diversity and lifelong friendships."   Tyler Mosby, UH Class of 2021
  • "Living on the UH floor was the best decision I ever made, they made me feel at home in a new environment. We were there for the good like doing puzzles, watching movies, game nights, and even having a pool noodle war...They were also there for the bad like test anxiety, seasonal depression, homesickness, and questioning our major choices. My fondest memories of UMD took place in that second floor lounge and the people I met will forever hold a special place in my heart."   Heidi Wedel [She, Her, Hers], UH Class of 2021

UH Alumni!


  • "University Honors was a tremendous experience for me. I cannot think of another opportunity that would have tested and strengthened my academic abilities so meaningfully. I will always remember the connections I made. My only regret is that I didn't join earlier in my college career. Thank you for the opportunity to strive for something higher than ordinary."   Jaden Wright, Class of 2018
  • "Describing my experience in UH briefly sounds incredibly difficult, but I will do my best. UH was an incredible growth experience for me. I learned about so many new ideas, issues and answers while in the program. I made a ton of friends and found a support system of people who are now like family to me. I can't describe how meaningful UH was for me and it's difficult to imagine my time at UMD without it."  Becca Sauter, Class of 2018
  • "University Honors was part of the reason that I chose UMD for college. I wanted to be in a community that was driven and would push me in my academic career. UH was definitely those things, but also more. I found my college home with UH - the lounge was my "living room", the staff were my mentors, and the other Honors students were my best friends. The UH program pushed me to take classes and have experiences in the Duluth community I wouldn't have had otherwise. I am so grateful I was involved with a program that helped me be more well-rounded and curious upon leaving my academic career." Jessa Warner, Class of 2018
  • "Thanks to University Honors, I was able to live abroad in beautiful Spain. This program offered me many opportunities that truly enriched my undergraduate experience."  Ellie Strafelda, Class of 2018