University Honors Courses 

University Honors students can complete their UH course enrollment one of two ways:

  1. Complete one UH course per year.
  2. Complete two UH courses in either the first or second (sophomore) years. If a student chooses this option, they can combine the remaining two UH courses in any way that works; however, it is not an option to complete two courses a second time.

In summary, students must take at least one class freshman and sophomore year. Below is an outline that displays five UH course completion options:

Year in School Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5
First 1 2 2 1 1
Second 1 1 1 2 2
Third 1 1 0 1 0
Fourth 1 0 1 0 1

Spring 2022


FA 1102: Creating Art, Sec. 550, #48897
Dr. Justin Rubin
MWF 12-12:50pm
Fine Arts
No textbooks, only hands-on interactive learning. What do we do? We make films when you've never made one before, create an illuminated manuscript, study paintings of recluses and hold lively discussions on how and why people never stop making interesting things from every era and perspective.

HON 1003: From Beethoven to the Beatles, Sec. 550, #48719
MWF 10am
Dr. Tom Wegren
Fine Arts
Beethoven to the Beatles develops basic musicianship, enhances artistic expressive awareness, provides historical and cross-cultural contexts, and encourages creative and analytical thinking through written expression. World-music perspectives are presented with live piano performances. Music can only be really alive when there are listeners who are really aware. Learning how to listen to and what to listen for in music is vital to artistic growth. Aaron Copland, the Dean of American Composers, said: “To listen intently, to listen consciously, to listen with one’s whole intelligence is the least we can do in furtherance of an art that is one of the glories of mankind.

HON 3305: UH French Cuisine Exploring French Culture Through Food, Sec. 550, #67761
MW: 4-6pm
Dr. Dana Lindaman
Humanities and Global Perspectives
This course is taught in English, will use food as an entry point into a deeper exploration of French identity, including analysis of important contemporary issues related to gender, class, and sustainability. Students will study the ways in which French society has sought to establish order and symmetry around the table, a focal point of French society, and the many points of creative resistance to that order.

HON 3895: The Ethics of Call Out Culture, Sec. 550, #68200   
Dr. Jeanine Weekes Schroer
Meeting MWF, 10am
Cultural Diversity in the US
Public shaming is not new, but social media has upped the stakes. People have lost jobs, careers, and even their lives in the aftermath of something as simple as a scolding on Twitter.  This also makes Twitter one of the main destinations for some of the most important discourses of our time: Genuinely diverse communities come together to communicate within and across boundaries about racism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism.  By reading ethicists, feminists, critical race theorists, and black feminist theorists, and their thinking on the purpose of blame, the importance of public blame, the challenges of shame, the epistemic challenges of structural oppression, the challenges of social media, this course will map an Ethics for the age of the Call-out.  

WRIT 3180: UH Advanced Writing,  Sec. 550, #46538
T & Th 11-1215pm, Chester 204
Rebecca Boyle, MFA
**Senior and Junior UH students will have priority access, then sophomores and first-year students who are interested if they have completed 60 credits and seats remain.

Develops research, critical thinking, and collaborative writing strategies as well as rhetorical skills to draft documents in multiple genres for multiple audiences. This includes professional correspondence and reports, research proposals, literature reviews, oral presentations, and related documents for the honors project as well as the production and publication of Aisthesis, UH's own interdisciplinary honors journal. If you want to take this course, email Joelle McGovern ([email protected]) to process your request.