Capstone Overview

You will complete an independently driven scholarship capstone project during your junior and senior years. Note we define scholarship broadly as any independently driven original research, creative expression project or accomplishment, integration of old ideas in novel ways, or application of knowledge in new areas.

General Capstone Requirements
Faculty Capstone Expectations 

Bryan Reutzel








Bryan Reutzel, University Honors student presenting his final capstone project.

Completion Steps

This project may seem overwhelming early in your UH career, but we have constructed a program that will begin preparing you for this project right away in your first year. Below you will find the required steps:

First-year & Sophomore Capstone Steps

Junior Capstone Steps

Senior Capstone Steps

Before completing my capstone project, I had never conducted research of this magnitude. From the research proposal to the poster presentation, I loved every step. At the end of the project, Dr. Gallup and I analyzed the samples further and we had an extremely exciting finding. The feeling of answering our research question and finding a conclusion to unanswered questions from four years ago was the best feeling.
Mackenzie Morgan, Environmental Science, UH Class of 2023