Community/Civic Engagement

The goal of the University Honors civic engagement requirement is to instill in students a sense of responsibility to societal needs and challenges by engaging them directly in community responses to these challenges.

2023 UHSA Volunteer Fair Student Participant
2023 UHSA Volunteer Fair


  • It must be conducted under the supervision of a program director or other organizational representative
  • It must be conducted with an approved single organization.
  • The organization cannot be the University of Minnesota Duluth
  • The organization must have a publicly and clearly stated mission that is consistent with its practices, the UH Mission and Vision, and the goal listed above.
  • It must not be paid.
  • It must represent a time commitment of a minimum 45 hours in a given academic year and meet an organization's volunteer guidelines.
  • It can be a political or faith-based opportunity as long as time is not spent recruiting or proselytizing and the mission and activities serve a need in the broader community.