University Honors

University Honors at UMD is designed to bring together students from many different majors, interests, and backgrounds and encourage them to learn broadly about human nature and society and to engage actively in their communities and academics. Consistent with the University’s overall mission, University Honors offers an enhanced liberal education experience designed to develop leaders with a diverse set of skills honed through active learning in the classroom, participation in research, increased cultural awareness, and public engagement.

University Honors is a selective program that welcomes applications from UMD students in all four colleges at UMD. New incoming freshmen, transfer, and current UMD students are eligible to apply.

The University Honors curriculum is designed to engage you deeply both in and out of the classroom and to help you develop a broad base of knowledge, skills, and connections that will set you apart upon graduation.

If you are serious about your education and love thinking and learning, please click the Apply page above for more information.

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