Why Join University Honors?

Learn in small classes with Honors faculty and other motivated Honors students. Experience an active, engaged undergraduate education

Share living space with other UH students in our dedicated section of the new Ianni Hall

Engage with other high performing students, Duluth community leaders, and faculty in a variety of settings including, dinners, field trips, active classrooms, our "Meet the Professional" series, and other UH special events                                     

Travel to study abroad and explore other cultures. All active University Honors students have access to our University Honors Study Abroad Scholarship

Distinguish yourself from the crowd. Less than 2% of UMD undergraduates are accepted into UH. Completing UH is a distinct honor.

“Prospective employers always ask me about my University Honors experience. I tell them UH broadens students’ perspectives and teaches them how to lead.”
Chris Larson Class of 2015, Chemical Engineering major

"To put it simply, I believe UH is what got me accepted to grad school and completely changed the trajectory of my life. It taught me that my thoughts are valued, which encouraged me to speak up in class and be confident in grad school interviews. By requiring NCEs, I developed teaching and volunteering interests that I didn't have before and that has made me a more well-rounded person. The capstone project was also immensely useful in showing the master's and PhD faculty that I could handle conducting independent research and thesis writing. Currently, I am the only student in the Master of Nursing program who was also admitted to the direct-entry PhD in Nursing program. I am definitely not the same person that I was when I arrived at UMD and without UH, I certainly would not be where I am today."  Allison Krueger, Class of 2018, Biology and Hispanic Studies

Control your class schedule. UH Students have priority registration after their first semester.

If you are serious about your education and love thinking and learning, please visit our apply page for more information.