Junior Steps

Junior Capstone Steps:

  1. Attend junior capstone group advising meeting. This meeting will detail the next steps for capstone and assist you in choosing a mentor for your project.
  2. Choose a faculty mentor willing to assist you on your capstone project. Review the general Faculty Capstone Expectations to be sure they understand the nature of their involvement.
  3. Work with a faculty mentor to write-up a 500-word proposal or summary of the scholarship to be completed for the Capstone Project. Include a timeline for the completion of the requisite pieces of the project. You must develop your proposal/summary and timeline with the guidance of the faculty mentor.
  4. Once you have prepared the proposal, print up the UH Capstone Proposal Form, complete it, sign it, and have your faculty mentor sign it.
  5. Submit your Project Summary, timeline, and Capstone Proposal Form to the UH office by the last day in March of your junior year.