Faculty Expectations

University Honors Capstone: Faculty Expectations

Faculty who agree to work with a UH student on their capstone projects are asked to do the following:

  • Faculty will work with the University Honors student to develop an idea for original scholarship that is feasible and, once completed reflects a deep understanding of the area of study

  • Faculty will provide ongoing guidance throughout the development and completion of the project

  • Faculty will be asked to read and review the project, once completed, and to sign off on the acceptability of the work as constituting an acceptable piece of scholarship in their field and based on the General Honors Capstone Requirements

  • We encourage faculty to help the student find outlets for publication or presentation of their work. UMD publishes one of the nation’s only undergraduate honors research journals, Aisthesis, to which students can consider submitting their work. Faculty would also know best where this work could be presented (professional & academic conferences, performances for general public, students, etc.)