About Aisthesis

What is Aisthesis?

Aisthesis is a journal for and by undergraduate honors students. In UMD's University Honors Advanced Writing course, the student editorial board plans and executes each phase of the publishing process. Production of the journal occurs within the context of the course. Submissions are blind peer-reviewed by other honors students, and feedback from discipline-specific faculty members is considered to make final decisions on publication.

What’s in it for you?

  • Fortify your resume
  • Strengthen your graduate school application
  • Set yourself apart with unique publishing experience
  • Contribute to your field

What’s in it for us at Aisthesis? 

Our goal at Aisthesis is to create and share an honors-focused compilation of compelling scholarly and creative works. We seek submissions that broaden our understanding of an issue, challenge us to see the world from another perspective, and inspire us to pursue new lines of inquiry.

Submission Requirements and Guidelines